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Black Jack
Any really nice cel of the good Dr. himself. I'm totally in love with this series, which I'd never even heard of until I came to Japan! High
I'd love this cel, or any cel from this sequence!! Will Give Kidney
I'd love this poster, which came with the Gatchaman Fighter boxed dvd set. Natch, I'd love the original artwork even more, but how likely is that? Hope spings eternal.... Will Give Kidney
The scene of Ken looking up at the explosion of the rocket carrying Red Impuse (Ken's father). The scene I'm thinking of is of Ken looking up with tears streaming down his face. Will Give Kidney
This image came from a French Gatchaman soundtrack record. I'd love the original illustration that this came from. Will Give Kidney
This image of Katse is one I've seen a couple of times. I think it's part of a Gatch dvd set. Whatever, I'd LOVE to get my hands on the original artwork!! High
Gatchaman OVA
That wonderful pan cel of Joe in the shower. Now, why do you suppose I want that one?! LOL! Will Give Kidney
I'd like the cel to match this sketch. Very High
Saint Seiya
Also, a nice cel of Shaka, even better if his eyes are open. Medium
I'd love a nice cel of Shiryu from the first series where he's wearing his original helmet. Medium
Xiaolin Showdown
Any nice cel of Chase Young or the evil two-headed Dojo that appeared in the first series. Yeah, I've got a thing for the bad guys in this one. LOL! High

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