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Being the vampire fan that I am, I was interested in Nightwalker as soon as I heard about it, although I didn't get the dvd's right away. After I did, though, I was hooked! Shido is just so (for lack of a better word) cute compared to god-like vampires like Alucard (or Arucard, if you prefer) from Hellsing. Unlike Alucard, Shido has limits and tries to cling to his humanity, much like Louis from Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire". Also like Louis, Shido feels guilt and shame for being a vampire, although by the end of the (far too short) series he seems to have come to terms with it. Unlike Louis and the majority of Rice's vampires, however, Shido's guilt seems to come from a personal sense of morality, rather than a Christian morality. I think that's another reason I like the series so much, Shido's internal rather than external moral compass.

 Shido & Yayoi in sepia

 Shido looking stressed

 Shido blink (or "Shido Flirting", if you prefer!)

 Shido close-up

 Shido laughing and flirting!!

 Shido with sword

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