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My U-Tube page - I've decided to join the rest of the free world and sign up to U-Tube. The fact that AMV.org wouldn't allow me to upload my 2 Xiaolin Showdown videos had nothing to do with it! Really! LOL!
Alara's Gatchaman Page - Alara's site is totally cool, since she's got these amazing summeries of Gatch I and II! Since Gatch II and Gatch F aren't available with sub-titles (even as a crappy bootleg) this is the next best thing!
Gatchaman Fan Fic page - This is THE place to find Gatch fan fiction and the quality of the stories is really hard to beat. And, yes, I've got 2 stories up that aren't finished yet.
Gatchaman, BOTP web site - My other fav Gatch site. This was actually the first site I found when I started searching the net for Battle of the Planets, right after I wracked my brain and remembered what the show was called!! This is where I found out the true history of the show, and fell in love with it all over again. Still a fav!
Home of the White Shadow - One of my two very favourite Gatchaman web sites. Wendy has some of the most up-to-date info on Gatch stuff out there.
Black Jack Shrine - One of my favourite BJ sites! And I LOVE the AMV that's up on it! Kudos to whoever made that one! LOL!
Goblinville - This is a really cool site where I found the graphics that I used in my gallery. Check it out! :)
Tezuka In English - This is a great place to get the full back story on Black Jack, including the manga, which, sadly, is almost totally unavalible in English.


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